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Despite the fact that joy is maybe a standout amongst the most imperative things in life, science still can not clarify much about it. Its idea itself is subtle. It is safe to say that it is a thought, feeling, uprightness, rationality, perfect, or would it say it is simply modified in the qualities? There is no settled upon definition for it, yet still everybody is by all accounts offering joy nowadays – street pharmacists, pharmaceutical organizations, Hollywood, toy organizations, self improvement masters, and, obviously, Disney, maker of the Happiest Place on Earth. Could bliss truly be bought? Is bliss accomplished by expanding joy, acquiring notoriety and fortune, or carrying on with a life of boundless relaxation? The arrangement of articles will quickly investigate the advancement of joy in Western thought, emulated by the present social seeing in the West. At long last, the importance and a couple of method for achieving satisfaction in Islam will be examined.

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